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System Performance Measures

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HUD has established a set of selection criteria to use in awarding CoC funding that requires CoCs to report to HUD their system-level performance. The intent of these selection criteria is to encourage CoCs, in coordination with ESG Program recipients and all other homeless assistance stakeholders in the community, to regularly measure their progress in meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness in their community and to report this progress to HUD.

CoCs also play an integral role in Consolidated Plan (Con Plan) jurisdictions’ planning process. They are required to provide the jurisdiction with the information necessary to complete the Con Plan(s) for homeless assistance provided to persons within the CoC’s geographic area that fall within the Con Plan jurisdiction’s geographic area, including data on performance measures. HUD and the TX BoS CoC will use the system-level performance information as a competitive element in its annual CoC Program Competition and gauge the state of the homeless response system nationally.

In 2016 CoCs were required to submit System Performance Measures to HUD for the first time. The 2015 data that was submitted will serve as a “baseline” against which all future System Performance Measure Reports will be measured.

2017 System Performance Measures
2016 System Performance Measures
2015 System Performance Measures