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Current THN Members

Please check your membership status below. If you see an error, please email Jennifer Paulsen or call 512.687.5103. If you would like to renew your membership, please visit the membership section.


Below is the list of current agency memberships, the expiration date, and the associated staff. “Vacant” means you have an additional spot for a staff member that has not been identified. This is based on your membership level. If you don’t have additional staff members listed under your membership, or you have updates, please email Jennifer Paulsen with the updated information or designated staff names, including their email addresses, or call 512.687.5103. Scroll down for the individual member list.

Abilene Hope Haven (exp. 10/31/18)
Staff: John Cooper, Katherine Bisson, Taylor Barker, Kassie Scott

ACH Child and Family Services (exp. 8/9/18)
Staff: Melissa Opheim, Nicole Lilley, Nick Little, Courtney Dowling, Kim Bushlow, Olga Luna, Wallace Bridges

Bell County Indigent Health Svcs. (exp. 8/5/18)
Staff: Rita Kelley, Ebony Jackson, Naomi Sanford, Jerdene Williams, Frank Tyquiengco

Belton ISD (exp. 9/28/18)
Staff: Celia Ray, Shawna Bell, Christina Wilson

Betty Hardwick Center (exp. 9/12/18)
Staff: Jay Williams, Sandra Smith, Kelly Bond

Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center Inc. (exp. 6/30/19)
Staff: Victor Maldonado (2 vacant spots)

Caritas of Austin (exp. 8/12/18)
Staff: Jo Kathryn Quinn, (6 vacant spots)

Catholic Worker (exp. 8/14/18)
Staff: Mark Wittig, Chris Plauche

CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread (exp. 7/14/18)
Staff: Pauline Troncale, (3 Vacant spots)

City of Laredo (exp. 10/31/18)
Staff: Arturo Garcia, Marcela Cervantes

CitySquare (exp. 9/22/19)
Staff: Edd Eason, Krystal Lotspeich, Marcie Himes, Deanna Adams, Annie Lord, Yolanda Williams, Ted Henderson (Paris)

Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County (exp. 2/6/19)
Staff: Marilyn Brown, Eva Thibaudeau, Amber Paaso, Gary Grier, Ana Rausch, Sara Brown, Nancy Heinz

Community Healthcore (exp. 9/6/18)
Staff: Stanley Williams, Sabrina Lang, Osterline Duclona, Lona Alexander, Chesley Knowles, Charles Cowgill, Charlotte Carraway

Corpus Christi Hope House (exp. 8/29/18)
Staff: Melissa Juarez, Debra Arsuaga

El Paso Coalition for the Homeless (exp. 2/9/19)
Staff: Carol Bohle, Camille Castillo, Leslie Canada, Gary Gray, Daniel Rodriguez

Families in Crisis, Inc. (exp. 8/18/18)
Staff: Suzanne Armour, Maria Carmona, John Becerra, Christina Emond, Carmen White, Rebecca Ramirez, Bertha Angeles

Family Endeavors McAllen (exp. 11/3/18)
Staff: Melissa Escamilla, Yonette Davison Wolfe, Luis Sosa, Siena Lindemann, Shalawn Moore, Patricia Davis, Liz Villarreal

Front Steps (exp. 12/16/18)
Staff: Sheila Joseph, Greg McCormack, Trey Angus, Kay Klotz (3 vacant spots)

Haven for Hope of Bexar County (exp. 11/8/2018)
Staff: Gary Chance, Kami King, Genevie Casillas, David Huete, Donna Costa, Felicia Givens, Shanna Salazar

Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston (exp. 5/31/2019)
Staff: Frances Isbell, Carlie Brown, Kristina Arscott, Elaine Hess, Mary Bradley, George Bement

Lazarus House (exp. 8/9/18)
Staff: Dr. Cathy Williams, Lillie Brown

Longview Interfaith Hospitality Network, Inc.  (exp. 3/18/18)
Staff: Doris Ramaly, Martha Nichols, Vacant

Lubbock Police Department (exp. 9/20/18)
Staff: Steven Bergen, Tony Chacon, Clay Trotter

Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (exp. 11/3/18)
Staff: David Gruber, James McClinton, Shavon Moore, Alex Espinosa, Lynette Austin (2 Vacant spots)

Metrocare Services (exp. 8/18/18)
Staff: Ikenna Mogbo, Nicolas deVoogd, Randi Barton, Bianca Zamora, George Alapat, Pamela Allen

MHMR Tarrant County (exp. 2/2/19)
Staff: Robert Ward, Leigh Bryant, Anthony Murphy, Krystle Edwards, Erin Tate (2 Vacant spots)

MHMR Tarrant County (exp. 6/30/19)
Staff: Sonya Hemmitt, (6 Vacant spots)

Mission Accomplished (exp. 3/9/19)
Staff: Ebonie Trice, Danielle Washington

New Hope Center of Paris (exp. 10/8/18)
Staff: Tanteta Scott, Dawn Manor, April Miller

Northside ISD Connections Program (exp. 10/31/18)
Staff: Marta Martinez, Selena Lopez, Linda Rodriguez

Northwest Assistance Ministries (exp. 7/25/18)
Staff: Karen Weakly, Debbie Peterson, Marcus Ferdinand, RaSara Rodriguez, Carmen Brown, Karen Henderson

Open Door (exp. 7/25/18)
Staff: Chad Wheeler, Jaime Wheeler, Katherine Hennecke, Paige Carroll, Andre Wright, Chase Smith

Randy Sams’ Outreach Shelter (exp. 2/3/19)
Staff: Jennifer Laurent, Helen Diggs, Olivia Gratz, Connie Sherman

Region 14 ESC (exp. 6/30/18)
Staff: 3 Vacant spots

South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless (SARAH) (exp. 7/13/19)
Staff: Bill Hubbard, Katie Vela, Luke Leppla, Jayde Beebe, Katelyn Underbrink, Kathy Lacy, David Row

South Plains Homeless Consortium (exp. 7/21/18)
Staff: Mary Guetersloh, Vacant

South Texas Development Council (exp. 2/1/18)
Staff: Susy Venegas, Juan E. Rodriguez, Mauricette Diaz, Esmeralda Garza, Martha D. Hernandez, (2 Vacant spots)

StarCare Specialty Health System (exp. 6/29/18)
Staff: Leslee Hindman, Rachel Flores, Norma Rodriguez

Tarrant County Homeless Coalition (exp. 1/23/19)
Staff: Tammy McGhee, Carolyn Curry, Stella Pratt, Carla Storey, Lauren King, Kelly McWilliams

Temple ISD (exp. 10/5/18)
Staff: Tiffany Vestal, Karen Morgan, Tonya Eubanks

Texas Panhandle Centers (exp. 6/30/18)
Staff: Anne Blanscet, Cindy Rue, Sara Northrup, Korrie Rosas, Heather Neeley, Chapin Galena

Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS) (exp. 5/5/19)
Staff: Christine Gendron

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD – PATH Program (exp. 8/12/18)
Staff: Omar Sesay, Myra Smalls-Brayboy, Nha Nguyen, Nancy Clifton, Aaron Jones, Courtney Anderson, Jenifer Knighton

The H.O.P.E. House Ministry (exp. 2/28/19)
Staff: Dr. Rodney Jackson, Dr. Alunda Ransom

The Housing Corporation (exp. 8/9/18)
Staff: Linda Holder, Gail Cote, Nisha Trottie, Lynda Greene, Lisa Goulas, Christie Cormier

The Salvation Army Carr P. Collins Center (exp. 9/19/18)
Staff: Blake Fetterman, Steve Grims, Denise Gallimore, Michael Allen, Sarah Masih

The Samaritan Inn (exp. 7/12/18)
Staff: 7 Vacant Spots

The Women’s Home (exp. 9/20/18)
Staff: Chelsey Gutierrez, LaDonna Mitchell, Andrea Boze, Monica Jaynes, Ingrid Urbaez, Staci Young, Barbara Garcia

Twin City Mission (exp. 11/15/18)
Staff: Doug Weedon, Jennifer Young, Sandra Hoelscher, (3 Vacant spots)

Victoria ISD’s KIDZconnection (exp. 12/18/18)
Staff: Yvonne Rossman, Wanda Pagel, Lisa Cabrera, Melissa Barrera

Volunteers of America Texas (exp. 11/9/18)
Staff: Lisa Robinson, Angela King, Erica Smith, Danita Wadley, Ramon Gonzales, Yolanda Jackson (1 Vacant Spot)

WOMAN, Inc.(exp. 8/26/18)
Staff: Michaelle Wormly, Ruby Jones, (1 Vacant spot)



Seretha Augustine. Galena Park Independent School District – Professional Member (exp. 6/26/2018)
Marilyn Brown, Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County – Professional Member (exp. 1/24/19)
Stephanie Chandler. United Way of Grayson County – Advocate Member (exp. 6/26/2018)
Jeffrey Chesnut, Underwood Law Firm – Professional Member (exp. 10/16/2018)
Jenny Clevenger, Azle ISD – Professional Member (exp. 2/5/19)
Courtney Cross, United Way of Denton County – Advocate Member (exp. 9/13/18)
Theresa Daniel, Dallas County, Dallas County Commissioner – Professional Member (exp. 9/6/18)
June Davis, Fort Worth ISD – Professional Member (exp. 7/13/18)
Stephanie Day, THN Board Member – Advocate Member (exp. 1/11/19)
Valerie Foster, Sanger ISD – Advocate Member (exp. 7/24/19)
Katherine Gonzales, United Way of Denton County (exp. 9/13/18)
Robbie Hanley, Downtown Austin Community Court – Advocate Member (exp. 10/2/18)
Sandra Harp, Southwestern Assemblies of God University – Student Member (exp. 12/18/18)
Raquel Hernandez, East Central ISD – Professional Member (exp. 8/28/18)
Teri Holtkamp, THN Board Member – Advocate Member (exp. 1/11/19)
Connie Hughes, Clear Creek ISD – Professional Member (exp. 9/25/18)
Marianne Jackson, Bay Area Homeless Services – Professional Member (exp. 12/18/18)
Caasieki Justice, Killeen ISD – Professional Member (exp. 9/26/18)
Kelly Kane, The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center – Student Member (exp. 3/26/19)
James King, Everman ISD – Advocate Member (exp. 9/13/18)
Karlene Lewis, Corpus Christi Metro Ministries – Advocate Member (exp. 8/3/18)
Abel Morales – Advocate Member (exp. 2/2/19)
Jerry Parker, The Wood Group – Advocate Member (exp. 3/22/19)
Cleveland Pimpton, Lake Worth ISD – Professional Member (exp. 9/11/18)
Chris Plauche – Advocate Member (exp. 1/25/19)
Alyssa Puckett – Community Partner (exp. 9/16/18)
Carol Racz – Advocate Member (exp. 6/30/19)
Phyllis Rosen, Killeen Independent School District – Professional Member (exp. 9/13/18)
Debbie Reynolds, Cleburne ISD – Advocate Member (exp. 9/11/18)
Phyllis Rosen, Killeen Independent School District – Professional Member (exp. 9/13/18)
Mary Rychlik, THN – Professional Member (exp. 3/15/19)
Kristie Sheppard, Hitchcock ISD – Professional Member (exp. 10/4/18)
Anne Spanyers, Advocacy Outreach – Advocate Member (exp. 9/6/18)
Stacey Steger, Heart of Texas Region MHMR – Student Member (exp. 2/13/19)
Michelle Yates, La Posada – Advocate Member (exp. 6/11/19)


Dominic Gonzalez, AmeriCorps VISTA (exp. 5/31/19)


Taylor Cook, Office of Innovation – City of Austin (exp. 2/13/19)
Dianna Grey, Dianna Grey Consulting (exp. 9/23/18)
Naomi Reynolds, VETFAMILIES (exp. 3/16/19)
Loly Thomas (exp. 10/2/18)


Kim Ogilvie, The Salvation Army TX Headquarters (exp. 5/31/19)


Tammy McGhee (exp. 9/1/18)


Demetria Reed-McNeal – Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment (exp. 9/5/18)
Todd Shell – CORT (1/28/19)


Disability Action Center (exp. 6/28/18)