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Heather Slay


Heather gained her passion for helping people less fortunate and experiencing homelessness at an early age. From bringing meals from her mother’s restaurant as a small child to adopting a grandmother (previously homeless) from the VA hospital throughout high school, and traveling to remote areas of Mexico during college to provide health care and basic needs to the extremely impoverished. Heather subsequently volunteered at various local organizations providing food, clothes, and in particular, essential items needed for infants and toddlers. After receiving her B.A. from Auburn University in Psychology, Heather worked as a counselor for the Alabama Department of Health, providing counseling to those suffering from mental illness who had previously been homeless or recently released from incarceration. Heather’s experience as a counselor, staying in the home with her patients at least 3 nights a week, greatly intensified her desire to remedy the plight of those less fortunate.

Heather graduated from Southern Methodist University School of Law, Cum Laude, in 2000.  During her second and third year in law school, Heather was in charge of the Dallas Kids Project, wherein volunteer law students taught children in low-income neighborhoods the basics of law and at the conclusion of the year the children had their own mock trial.  Since graduating from law school, Heather’s desire has been to do the most she can to help those less fortunate with the utilization of her law degree.  As a result, Heather was named a Life Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation and has been a Member of the Pro Bono College of Law since 2002, committed to providing a minimum of 40 hours of legal advice to the low income per year. She is currently Senior Counsel at the law firm of Mejias Lindsay, PLLC in Houston. Heather also currently serves as a Humble ISD legislative delegate, with a goal to ensure Congress hears the needs and recognizes the rights of our children in the public education school system.

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