AmeriCorps VISTA members bring their passion and perseverance where the need is greatest: to organizations that help eradicate poverty. The most pressing challenges we face as a nation require the most courageous and creative people to address them. An AmeriCorps VISTA member serves as a catalyst for change, living and working alongside community members to advance local solutions. The AmeriCorps VISTA mission is to strengthen organizations that alleviate poverty through volunteering and the mobilization of resources. A member’s commitment to serve includes:
  • One year term of full-time (40 hours/week) volunteer service at a nonprofit agency in Texas
  • A monthly living allowance of ~$1000 a month (depending on county)
  • Eligibility for additional stipends and benefits to assist with relocation expenses and childcare
  • Health and prescription drug benefits
  • End-of-Service Benefits – members elect to receive either a cash stipend or the Segal Education Award (applicable to student loans or future tuition) upon fulfillment of their service commitment
THN’s statewide VISTA project works on a variety of projects helping areas build capacity to end homelessness. If your organization is interested in learning more about hosting a VISTA member, please contact the VISTA Project Manager.

Apply to Our VISTA Positions

  • View the job description, responsibilities, and benefits for each position below. (You will be directed to the My AmeriCorps website to apply.)
  • Create a profile and an application on the My AmeriCorps website (here are some tips for completing the application).
  • Apply for one or more open positions with THN via the My AmeriCorps website.
  • After applying on the AmeriCorps website, please complete this screening and send your resume to to be considered for an interview.

Current Openings

This VISTA project will build capacity to support and advance the goals of the statewide initiative program at THN. To achieve this goal, the VISTA will assist the President/CEO with identifying and securing resources, coordinating efforts with state agencies and Texas Continuums of Care (CoC), and by developing an exchange of information with a Data Warehouse.

  1. Become familiar with each Texas CoC and current statewide and local efforts to end homelessness
  2. Collect statewide data and prepare and present reports. Metrics include death of people experiencing homelessness on the streets and Point-in-Time Count results.
  3. Organize and facilitate statewide coordination events including the 2nd Annual Coordinated Entry Show and Tell and Texas Conference on Ending Homelessness CoC Coordination meeting
  4. Develop report and draft a needs assessment considering a statewide deployment.
  5. Utilizing previous development schedule, create a sustained development plan and apply for 3 funding opportunities
  6. Create Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which outlines the expectations and responsibilities of participating CoC’s
  7. Create and post a Request for Proposals (RFP) from vendors to supply the technical assistance and hardware for the data
  8. Develop plan for implementation and sustainability

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This VISTA project will enhance the THN VISTA Program’s impact by increasing support for VISTA members, developing new enhanced processes, and creating new tools for VISTA members and site supervisors. The outcome will allow community partners to expand their efforts to provide housing and other services to persons at-risk of or experiencing homelessness.

  1. Assist with recruitment processes and onboarding of new members
  2. Strengthen projects at partner sites through on-going communication and support with members, and by collecting and monitoring member reporting.
  3. Promote program sustainability and successes.
  4. Utilize various electronic tools to track applicants and manage members, including Trello and Canvas.
  5. Design and develop new marketing tools to recruit new members and sites and promote accomplishments of VISTA members.

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This project works to build capacity at the Taylor Housing Authority by enhancing and developing new processes which expand the homeownership program and also by creating and implementing an outreach plan to people experiencing homelessness.

  1. Prepare for development and implementation of the Homeownership Program by researching best practices in community-wide strategies to preventing and ending homelessness and assessing the organization’s needs and opportunities in community outreach efforts.
  2. Explore community resources and identify potential partners for the homeownership program.
  3. Research funding and grant opportunities for additional programs.
  4. Apply for possible funding opportunities.
  5. Develop and implement policies and procedures for programs.
  6. Educate community members about issues surrounding homelessness and the organization’s services.
  7. Evaluate programs and resources developed through project, and implement strategies for sustainability including identifying needs for communications plan sustainability, assisting in strategy for continuing community engagement and outreach, and developing plan for speaker’s bureau sustainability.

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This VISTA project will leverage resources of Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance’s (MDHA) to improve housing program outcomes and align efforts with the standards required by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

  1. Become familiar with the Continuum of Care organization, its programs and HUD requirements
  2. Develop a program for residents in Permanent Supportive Housing to stably exit the program
  3. Develop assessment tools to determine clients need once housed through a program and determine next steps to reach stability
  4. Create tools to monitor and evaluate the success of programs and scorecards and reporting for consumption by MDHA leadership and other stakeholders
  5. Develop training for case managers

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This VISTA project will continue to raise awareness and help change conversations and perceptions around sexual assault/exploitation, child abuse and domestic/dating violence through community outreach and engagement, with a focus on Latinx communities.

  1. Research best practices around community engagement, housing and homelessness, and issues surrounding sexual assault, abuse, and domestic violence
  2. Coordinate community-focused meetings and forums to generate culturally-specific dialogue and community-based solutions
  3. Establish new community contacts, build new relationships/partnerships with local groups, and continue to develop existing partnerships
  4. Engage multiple community members, organizations, and stakeholders in the organization’s services and outreach efforts

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Sponsor a THN VISTA Member

What does sponsoring a VISTA Member look like? VISTA Members receive a monthly stipend (around $972 per month) for their hard work, but as you can imagine, it doesn’t go very far. They live on a diet of ramen noodles, potatoes, and cable-free TV. You can improve their diet by adding more greens and mainstream entertainment with things like gift cards to a movie theater, or dinner out, or by making a monetary donation. As a thank you, your VISTA Member will send you updates on their project. Contact us to donate gift cards. Sponsor a VISTA Member with a donation today!

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