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Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program

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About ESG

The Emergency Solution Grant (ESG) Program assists people to quickly regain stability in permanent housing after experiencing a housing crisis and/or homelessness.

The annual competition for State ESG funds is facilitated by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA), however, units of local government (cities, counties, and territories) may apply to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) independently if they choose. Communities which have a city, county or territory ESG recipient may apply under a local competition under that ESG Recipient. Recipients then subgrant their ESG funds to provide: Emergency Shelter, Street Outreach, Rapid Re-housing, and Homelessness Prevention activities in their communities.

ESG Resources


ESG Local Competition One Pager 

Federal ESG Interim Rule 

State ESG Rule (Texas Administrative Code – Office of Secretary of State Website) 

ESG Resources Page 

Current ESG Local Competition Application Materials

THN’s (TX BoS CoC) Application Submission Procedures Manual (ASPM)

Google Form for Application Submission

Volume 1 – Threshold (Excel Sheet)

Volume 2 – Uniform Scoring Criteria (Excel Sheet)

Volume 3 – Street Outreach (Excel Sheet)

Volume 4 – Emergency Shelter (Excel Sheet)

Volume 5 – Homeless Prevention (Excel Sheet)

Volume 6 – Rapid Re-housing (Excel Sheet)

Volume 7 – TX BoS CoC Narrative Revised 6/19/19 at 2:55 pm(Excel Sheet)

Attachment A: CoC Consultation (PDF)

Attachment B: Written Standards Certification (PDF)

Attachment C: Termination Policy (PDF)

Attachment D: ESG Applicant Certifications (PDF)

Attachment E: Counties/Cities that received ESG funds in 2018-2019 (PDF) *Information Only – Do not submit with application 

Attachment F: Local Government Approval of Shelter Activities (PDF) 

Attachment G: TX BoS CoC Collaboration Form Scoring Criteria (PDF) *Information Only – Do not submit with application 

Attachment H: ESG Expectations Form (PDF)

Attachment I: CoC Collaboration (PDF) – *do not fill out THN staff section 

Attachment J: ESG Local Competition Timeline (PDF) *Information Only – Do not submit with application

Attachment K: Grievance Appeal Form (PDF) *Information Only – Do not submit unless submitting a grievance appeal via email