THDSN Data Dashboard

Texas Homeless Data Sharing Network Data Dashboard

The Statewide Homelessness Report or Data Dashboard includes client statistics pulled from 237 of 254 Texas counties. This data is provided by the Texas Homeless Data Sharing Network (THDSN), which currently receives client-level data from nine (9) of the eleven (11) Continuum of Care (CoC) regions throughout Texas. 

It is especially important to note that this report captures the minimum number of documented homeless individuals or households in Texas, as data is uploaded from each CoCs Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) – which serves as one of many tools communities use to provide resources and support to unsheltered individuals. Still, the data dashboard remains the most comprehensive, direct data resource available on the rate of homelessness in Texas. 

To better support users of the Data Dashboard, Texas Homeless Network has created a Public Dashboard User Glossary to help familiarize users with the housing-specific terms referenced throughout this report and across the Texas Homeless Network website. Feel free to reference this document as you review the data included in this report.  For those interested in using this data for a research project, media publication, or another purpose, we ask that you first contact Anja Taylor, Texas Homeless Data Sharing Network Project Manager, to discuss the data and information you intend to extract.

Total Number of People Experiencing Homelessness

This number represents the total number of people who fell into homelessness in Texas during the listed time period that have accessed services from state and federally funded programs. It is important to note that this number underestimates the true rate of homelessness in Texas since not all households experiencing housing insecurity are eligible for assistance or feel comfortable with accessing services.

State of Texas Overall Map

This statewide map shows the number of homeless individuals whose data is uploaded to the Texas Homeless Data Sharing Network (THDSN) on a quarterly basis. The percentage category of the selected county represents the total persons in the system during the selected timeframe. To promote anonymity of clients, the percentages are grouped by categories instead of county.

Total Number of People Entering & Exiting Homelessness

The line graphs below show individuals and/or households, specifically those documented in a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), who fell into homelessness in Texas during the year shown, as well as those who exited the homeless response system. In some cases, an individual may have fallen into homelessness on multiple occasions during the year. 

This annual snapshot of individuals and/or households that enter and exit the homeless response system is especially critical, as the data can be used to identify trends and variations in homelessness rates throughout Texas. Furthermore, the data highlights the need for additional supportive services and community resources so that we can ensure all Texans have access to stable, affordable housing.

*The downward trend of individuals entering the homeless response system in 2020 is due to direct service providers not having the capacity to continue services during the COVID-19 pandemic safely.*

Homelessness By Population

Please read the breakdown of the data below as you view each section.

    • Choose Time Period: Use the slider tool below to reveal statistics on all people experiencing homelessness and Veterans, including sheltered and unsheltered status, as well as the percentage breakdown of household types by quarter year.


    • Racial Composition: These line graphs depict the population of people experiencing homelessness compared to the overall population of Texas. The glaring disparity is the over-representation of Black Texans experiencing homelessness compared to their representation in the overall population.
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