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Continuum of Care Program

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program is designed to promote community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness; to provide funding for efforts by nonprofit providers, states, and local governments to quickly re-house homeless individuals, families, persons fleeing domestic violence, and youth while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused by homelessness; to promote access to and effective utilization of mainstream programs by homeless individuals and families; and to optimize self-sufficiency among those experiencing homelessness.

Continuum of Care Grant and Prospective Applicants

THN serves as the “Collaborative Applicant” for the TX BoS CoC and leads the HUD CoC Grant process. THN provides technical assistance and guidance to agencies and communities applying for funding to create new housing and service programs. Applicants must submit proposals through THN in the annual CoC Program competition. This Prezi is a great overview of HUD’s CoC program.

Competition Application Materials

Visit the Archives page to view prior TX BoS CoC Program Grant Materials.

2019 CoC Program Competition

General NOFA Materials and Competition Information

 TX BoS CoC Competition Flow Chart

FY2019 TX BoS CoC Conditional Inclusion Policy
FY2019 TX BoS CoC Ranking Policy
FY2019 TX BoS CoC Reallocation Policy
FY2019 TX BoS CoC Review and Scoring Policy

So You Want To Receive CoC Funding Webinar Recording

New Project Applicants: Developing a Strong Project to Serve People Experiencing Homelessness Webinar Recording

New Project Materials

Renewal Project Materials 



CoC General Resources

CoC Governance Charter
CoC Written Standards
CoC Policies and Procedures

Texas CoC Leads Contact List – Updated 7/26/18

CoC Program Recipient Resources

HUD CoC Start-Up Training Materials- 9/20/2016
1 Welcome and Introductions and Agenda 
2 Eligible Participants
3 Eligible Costs
4 Eligible Costs Leasing
5 Eligible Costs – Rental Assistance and RRH
6 Matching Requirements
7 Financial Management
8 TICH Overview and Role
9 Grant and Project Changes
10 Recordkeeping Requirements
11 Reporting
12 Monitoring and Technical Assistance
13 Conflict of Interest
14 General Operations – Termination – Other
15 Closing Remarks

CoC Program-Funded Project Forms & Tools

All CoC Program-Funded Projects

Housing First Assessment Tool
CoC Quarterly Performance Score Card and Training Resources
CoC Quarterly Performance Score Care Submission Page
CoC Funded Participant Occupancy Charge (Rent) Calculator  
Internal Wellness Checklist for the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program
THN Internal Monitoring Guidance
Memo to File of Identified Deficiency Template
PSH Project File Review Form
RRH Project File Review Form

Rapid Re-Housing Forms

TX BoS CoC RRH Eligibility Packet– v3.2 Please check for updates periodically

Permanent Supportive Housing Forms

TX BoS CoC PSH Eligibility Packet– v3.0 Please check for updates periodically.