TX BoS CoC Board

Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care Board

The Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care (TX BoS CoC) Board determines the policy direction of the CoC and ensures that the CoC fulfills its responsibilities. Additionally, the Board oversees the work of CoC committees and the CoC Lead Agency and HMIS Lead Agency (Texas Homeless Network).  Board members also stay informed about how the CoC is performing to prevent and end homelessness, and they serve as liaisons between the CoC and the counties and sub-populations they represent. The CoC Board is guided by the CoC Board Requirements Policy.

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2022 TX BoS CoC Board Elections

CoC members will vote on the two seats that received more than one nomination, Seat 2 and Seat 14. The other seats received only one nomination each, and the CoC Board has decided to accept those nominees to fill the seats for which they were nominated.

Seat 2 Nominees:

Seat 14 Nominees:

Please cast only one ballot. Anyone who lives or works in one of the 215 counties in the TX BoS CoC is considered to be a general member of the CoC and may vote in the elections. 

Please fill out the electronic ballot to cast your vote.

Voting will be held from Thursday, September 1st at 12:00 AM to September 15th at 11:45 PM.

 If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Mary Stahlke, Director of Engagement, at mary@thn.org

Meet Our Board

Seat 1

Person with Lived Experience of Homelessness

John Meier

John Meier serves as the Texas Homeless Network (THN) Board member in the “person with lived homelessness experience seat”; Chair of the Home Again West Texas (HAWT) Coordinated Entry Planning Entity for Taylor County; Chair of the Coordinated Entry Steering Committee for the TX BoS CoC; Chair of the Youth Homeless Steering Committee of Taylor County; former Chair of the West Texas Homeless Network (WTHN) local homeless coalition for Taylor County; and Program Manager for West Central Texas Regional Foundation (WCTRF) – Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF).  John served in the United States Marine Corps. He worked as a Math/Special Education Teacher in Texas for 8 years.  John personally experienced homelessness in 2014 that led him to seek services from the Veterans Administration and SSVF. Since that time he has pursued the goal of making homelessness, “rare, brief, and nonrecurring” for Veterans in 25 counties in the Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care. John has coordinated with Community Solutions’ Built for Zero initiative since 2018 to achieve a Quality By-Name List, Functional Zero for Veteran Homelessness, and Ending Veteran Homelessness designation utilizing federal benchmarks provided by United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH).

Seat 2

Homeless Veterans

Pamela Segura
Big Spring

Pamela Segura serves is a Substance Use Disorder Specialist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. In her current role she provides service to our nations homeless Veterans. Pamela completed her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and Psychology at Troy University. She has nearly two decades of combined education and work experience within the Mental Health field. Pamela’s work experience is involves a variety of settings including outpatient specialty clinics, inpatient psychiatric facilities, large and small nonprofits, in addition to small private practice.  She has provided clinical supervision to students and interns seeking to future their education in Counseling as well as Case Management services. Her range of clinical experience working with individuals, groups and families across the life span led to her develop specialized training in providing treatment of Substance Use Disorders from a Trauma-Informed therapeutic approach.

A native to Florida, Pamela enjoys visits to the sunny beaches along with creating memories with her family and friends. Throughout recent years she developed an interest in attending football games with her two sons. Pamela is passionate about her service to others and wishes to continue her education in Trauma related studies.

Pamela seeks to serve on the THN board to not only serve the organization but also to be a sounding voice for Veterans and families throughout the state of Texas currently facing homeless or at-risk for homelessness.

Seat 3

Chronically Homeless Persons

Andrea Omojola

Andrea possesses a Master’s in Public Health as well as a Master’s in Divinity and daily combines her educational experience with vast work history to support those who are experiencing poverty and homelessness. Though she is a new addition to Texas and the world of homeless advocacy, she comes to the table with globally diverse experience in the non-profit sector, energy, and compassion that make her an ideal candidate for the CoC Board of Directors. Andrea is highly skilled but, more importantly, extremely open to learning with a true heart for those experiencing poverty of heart, body and situation. Andrea is married and living in Lubbock.

Seat 4

Homeless Families

Katherine Bisson

Katherine Bisson teaches social work field practicum at Abilene Christian University, where she obtained her Master of Science in Social Work. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration at Texas A&M University. She formerly served as the Executive Director of Abilene Hope Haven, where she ran a low-barrier shelter and several housing programs utilizing the Housing First philosophy. 

Katherine’s passion for serving homeless families comes from being adopted and always having a home and place of belonging through her family. As a Rapid Rehousing case manager, she was able to work with many families experiencing homelessness through street outreach, and connect them to housing and the resources and support they needed to thrive as a family unit. 

Katherine is also a certified yoga instructor and gym manager, with her other passion being to educate and facilitate holistic wellness within the community.

Seat 5

Homeless Youth

Natasha Hayden

My name is Natasha Hayden; I am the new Executive Director of North Texas Youth Connection (NTYC). I have been working with youth of all ages since I was 12 years old. Guiding them in different life journeys has always been a great opportunity and watching them achieve their life’s goals is a silent thank you. I am dedicated to helping individuals achieve their own self-worth by professional training, room for advancement and everyday positive experiences.

I was born in Washington, DC but raised in New York City, BX. Coming from a very diverse background, with a great leadership work ethics from both my parents, I always new I wanted to run my own business but was unsure on which field to go into. With the help of my supporting parents and my Mentor, I went into the field of working with children. Attending Hebert Lehman College, in BX, NYC; graduating with my BA in Child Psychology and double minor in African American Studies and Performing Arts. Then moving on to attending school online at Strayer University, graduating with my Masters in Teacher Leadership Education with Honors.

Being able to heal from my trauma and still achieving all that I have in the time I have been in this world is a blessing to me and I would never change that, nor would I put any one in my shoes. With the help of my wonderful, supporting Husband and son I can continue striving to my ultimate achievement, which is getting a campus (Campus of Healing and Understanding or CHU) that will serve the homeless youth within that area.

Seat 6

Victim Services

Daisy Lopez

Daisy has served as a strong advocate in the movement to end violence for 16 years. October 2020 marks her 14-year anniversary at Friendship of Women, Inc. (FOW). Daisy currently oversees the coordination, management, and leadership of the outreach victim services, battering intervention and prevention program, community education and training, and primary prevention efforts at FOW. She has served in direct service capacities such as Legal Advocate, Shelter Coordinator, Battering Intervention & Prevention Program Coordinator, and in management positions. She has also served on committees and expert panels in the field of domestic violence at local and statewide levels.

Daisy is passionate about the needs and barriers facing victims, the biggest being housing crises and housing instability. She believes that communities are also leading the charge in responding to these needs in unique and innovative ways. Daisy stated, “I am interested in learning from and supporting programs to continue their amazing work and help be a part of designing future initiatives and programming. Social issues impacting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault are intertwined with issues around education, health, housing, income, homelessness, and many more.”

Seat 7

Mental/Behavioral Health

Linda White

My name is Linda White. I am a retired Registered Nurse and am the founding Director of New Life Family Education in Morris County where I teach Parenting and Life Skills classes at my home church. I am also a volunteer for the Texas Dept. of Corrections and teach Parenting and Life Skills at the Johnston and Telford Units (before COVID). I represent Morris County on the Back Home Northeast Texas Homeless Coalition Board, and I am currently serving in Seat #7 Mental/Behavioral Health with the TX BoS CoC Board. I have past experience of homelessness and alcohol addiction. I am a survivor of domestic violence and I believe that every human life is valuable and precious. I set high goals for myself, then I work until I reach those goals! The goal that I have set for my tenure in seat #7 is to work until every mentally ill person in Texas has a safe place to call home and is receiving the health care that they need to live the Best life humanly possible.

Seat 8


Tavia Hatfield

Tavia Hatfield is the Regional Director of Community Services for Covenant Health.  She has served in this role for over ten years and has worked in the healthcare field for nineteen years. In this roll, she oversees direct outreach programs focused on serving low-income, uninsured and under-insured individuals within the Covenant Health large geographic service area. She assesses community needs through coordinating a comprehensive needs assessment and the creation of an implementation plan every three years. Tavia works closely with the Covenant Health Community Benefit Board Committee to allocate resources according to the priority needs identified. Additionally, she works with multiple community partners including non-profits, churches and public schools on collaborative health and wellness initiatives throughout the region. Tavia has served on multiple local boards and committees and is currently a member of the Texas Tech Center for Adolescent Resiliency Advisory Board, West Texas American Diabetes Associate Board, and the NAMI Lubbock Board. Tavia is also a wife and a mother to a 10 year old and 14 year old. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and traveling.

Seat 9

Local Government

Courtney Doungdara

Courtney is a global citizen with a passion for leading teams through data-oriented and person-centered systems improvement. She studied Sociology during her undergrad and has a master of arts in Community Organizing. Courtney has six years of experience in community-based homelessness solutions work, and she is passionate about utilizing relational leadership to make her local community the best it can be. When she’s not working towards her goal of being a real-life Leslie Knope, Courtney likes to spend time with her husband, daughter and doggos.

Seat 10

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program Recipient

Nora Vargas
Corpus Christi

Seat 11

Public Housing Agency

Arelecia Ross

Seat 12

Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice

Kyle Moore

Kyle has been a Police Officer for eight years and is entering his second year running the Homeless Outreach Team. He is a TCOLE Licensed Mental Health Officer and a Certified CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) Instructor for KPD. He also teaches a first responder course for negotiations for KPD and is a Senior Negotiator with our TRU (Tactical Response Unit). Prior to becoming a police officer, he was a high school Chemistry teacher and football, wrestling, and track coach in Beaumont, Texas. 

Kyle would love the opportunity to better serve his community by learning from and working with other counties within the CoC that are working towards a positive solution to the homelessness issue in Texas. He sees serving on the Board as a great opportunity to share and work with other Police agencies in the State of Texas, providing them with another approach than simply charging homeless individuals criminally. He also wants to have a voice with regard creating CoC policy.

Seat 13


Daphne Jackson

Daphne is a wife, mother and business owner of A Servant’s Heart-Texas LLC., which offers case management for behavioral health.

She is an active deputy registrar for Tarrant County, and an active volunteer for several non-profit organizations. She has also served on several commission boards for the City of Arlington.

Daphne loves the opportunity to serve others. One of her favorite passages to live by is “ATTITUDE” by Charles Swindoll. Her favorite scripture is Matt.6 v.33. 

Seat 14

Faith Community or Faith-based Organizations

Daphne’ Adams

Daphne has over seventeen years in the social services field, which includes over twelve years dedicated to working with the homeless population. She feels passionate about working collaboratively to end homelessness with other agencies. Daphne sees the importance of agency relationships in order to end homelessness. She is responsible for the operational success of the agency where she works, ensuring seamless team management and development, program delivery, and quality control and evaluation.

Daphne’s coursework at Oklahoma State University in Human Development and Family Science introduced her to the concepts of viewing the family in a world perspective, professional skills, and ethics within the field of human services while fueling her interests in family policies, laws, and advocacy. Daphne stated, “I align my education and personal experiences with my personal life mission.” “With love and compassion, I lead others to grow to their maximum potential and fulfill their purpose.”

Seat 15

Texas Interagency Council for the Homeless (TICH) or State government agency

Marqus Butler

Marqus is a driven senior executive with extensive experience in holistic social services and human capital management. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a proven track record of maximizing business opportunities and consistently achieving organizational goals. He has 15 years of state level government agency experience. Twelve of his 15 years focused on creating policy and programs for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness or serious emotional disturbance. From 2009-2011 he served as chairman of the Coalition to End Homelessness in Oklahoma City. He has over 15 years of experience managing federal SAMHSA and OJJDP grants and has a good understanding of reporting requirements, outcomes and demonstrating the overall effectiveness of programming.

Seat 1

Person with Lived Experience of Homelessness

John Meier

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2021-22 TX BoS CoC Board Meeting Minutes

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