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The TX BoS CoC is committed to collecting and using data to drive program priorities and policy direction. We rely on the communities throughout our geographic area to help collect high-quality data on homelessness by using the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), completing Housing Inventory Counts and conducting Point-in-Time counts. The data collected through these methods help to produce reports, which can be used for planning locally, on a CoC-level, and nationally.

With HUD’s introduction of System Performance Measures in 2016, the TX BoS CoC is now not only evaluating performance on a project-by-project level, but also on a CoC-wide level. This means that projects must work together and rely on one another even more closely than before to ensure overall performance is high.

Unlike smaller CoCs that can help more directly with data collection, the TX BoS CoC depends on communities to volunteer to participate in the Housing Inventory and Point-in-Time counts in order to obtain data. We can only offer data each year for communities that choose to participate.

PIT and HIC Training Materials


Don’t see your community represented in our reports?

Contact our Data Coordinator below. We are always happy to help our communities get started with data collection.