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Make a Donation

Join us in ending homelessness by making a donation. Make a one-time or set up a monthly donation. Even setting up a $5 monthly donation helps us out. If your employer matches, you can set that up too. Visit our donation page to view your options and get started today!

Become An Advocate

Your support is crucial to THN’s ongoing advocacy. By becoming an advocate, you will participate in a statewide dialogue about laws and proposed bills, funding opportunities, and community efforts to end homelessness. By investing in THN, advocates directly help to create policies to end homelessness in Texas.

Support our work by becoming a member.

$50 Advocate

Member rate on the fall conference registration. Receive THN news and updates. Advocate members also have the opportunity to help shape legislative policy and participate in Homelessness Awareness Day.

$25 Student

Must be currently enrolled in a college or university. Member rate on the fall conference registration. Receive THN news and updates.

All organizational members will receive THN news and updates, the member rate for the fall conference for employees included in the membership, and the opportunity to help shape the legislative agenda and participate in Homelessness Awareness Day. New benefit! Current Organizational Members will have the opportunity to post job announcements on the THN website!

$50 Agency

Budget under $100,000 (up to 2 staff)

$75 Agency

Budget $100,001 – $250,000 (up to 3 staff)

$125 Agency

Budget $250,001 – $500,000 (up to 4 staff)

$200 Agency

Budget $500,001 – up to $1M (up to 5 staff)

$300 Agency

Budget $1M – $1.5M (up to 6 staff)

$400 Agency

Budget over $1.5M (up to 7 staff)

Are you a business member interested in ending homelessness? As a business member, you have the opportunity to assist non-profit agencies in their mission by offering a discount on your product, feature, or service.

Your logo will be featured on the THN website, along with your product and services, and you’ll have the first opportunity to sponsor one of our conferences. Levels begin at $500.

Contact our Development office for more information at 512-687-5103 or fill out the form below.

Please note: Membership will not be active until payment has been received. For questions or more information, please contact the Development office at 512-687-5103.

Are you a business member interested in ending homelessness? As a business member, you have the opportunity to assist non-profit agencies in their mission by offering a discount on your product, feature, or service.

Your logo will be featured on the THN website, along with your product and services, and you’ll have the first opportunity to sponsor one of our conferences. Levels begin at $500.

Contact our Development office for more information at 512-687-5103 or fill out the form below.

Please note: Membership will not be active until payment has been received. For questions or more information, please contact our Development office at 512-687-5103 .

Please check your membership status below. If you see an error, please email our Development office or call 512-861-2124. If you would like to renew your membership, please visit the sections above or log-in to your account.


Below is the list of current agency memberships, the expiration date, and the associated staff. “Vacant” means you have an additional spot for a staff member that has not been identified. This is based on your membership level. If you don’t have additional staff members listed under your membership, or you have updates, please email the Development office with the updated information or designated staff names, including their email addresses, or call 512.861-2124.

Scroll down for the individual member list.

  • Abilene Hope Haven (exp. 1/31/2020)
    Staff: Katherine Bisson, Alexzandra Hust, Susannah Bird, Tiffany Doss
  • ACH Child and Family Services (exp. 8/31/20)
    Staff: Melissa Opheim, Jenny Terry, Courtney Dowling, Olga Luna, Belinda Robinson, Nick Little, Wallace Bridges
  • Betty Hardwick Center (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Jay Williams, Jason Herfurth, Sandra Smith, Kelly Bond
  • Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center Inc. (exp. 6/30/20)
    Staff: Victor Maldonado (2 vacant spots)
  • City of Austin (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Natasha Ponczek Shoemake, Adrienne Sturrup, Laura Enderle, Stephanie Eaton, John Harper, Stephanie Hayden, Vella Karman
  • City of Brownsville Office of Grant Management & Community Development (exp. 8/31/20)
    Staff: Julia Lash, Mary Ann Perez (1 vacant spot)
  • City of Laredo (exp. 11/30/19)
    Staff: Arturo Garcia, Marcela Cervantes, Alejandra Sauceda
  • City of Plano (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Chaniece Small (6 vacant spots)
  • CitySquare (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Edd Eason, Krystal Lotspeich, Marcie Himes, Deanna Adams, Annie Lord, Yolanda Williams, Ted Henderson (Paris)
  • Community Healthcore (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Stanley Williams, Sabrina Lang, Osterline Duclona, Chesley Knowles, David Salazar, Jay Morgan, Karen Holt
  • Corpus Christi Hope House (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Melissa Juarez, Debra Arsuaga
  • Downtown Dallas, Inc. (exp. 7/31/20)
    Staff: Crystal Fox (+ 2 staff)
  • Endeavors McAllen (exp. 11/30/19)
    Staff: Melissa Escamilla, Rosaura Hernandez, Sheroid Lucas, Miguel Mireles, Josie Arredondo, Martin Longoria, Paul Castaneda
  • FaithWorks of Abilene (exp. 9/30/19)
    Staff: Joyce Dalzell, Dave Dalzell, Susan Clark
  • Families in Crisis, Inc. (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Suzanne Armour, Maria Carmona, Jessica McMurray, Rebecca Ramirez, William Hall, Rosario Olguin-Aguirre, Ellyn Lynch
  • Family Eldercare (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Shontell Gauthier, Malena Manning, Dylan Lwery, Samantha Campbell
  • Front Steps (exp. 12/31/19)
    Staff: Greg McCormack, Trey Nichols, Marie Wang, Lisa Fisher, Taryn Davis, Sheila Joseph
  • Good Neighbor Settlement House (exp. 5/31/20)
    Staff: Belinda Bradford (2 vacant spots)
  • Grace Place Ministries (exp. 8/31/20)
    Staff: Sherry Carroll, (1 vacant spot)
  • Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet (exp. 4/30/20)
    Staff: Linda Spurlin-Dominik (1 vacant spot)
  • Gulf Coast Attainable Housing Foundation (exp. 2/29/20)
    Staff: Caston Hunt (+ 1)
  • Harris County Community Services Dept. (exp. 9/30/20)
    Agency 7
  • Haven for Hope of Bexar County (exp. 12/31/2020)
    Staff: Kenny Wilson, Genevie Casillas, Gary Chance, Celeste Eggert, David Huete,  Shanna Salazar, Alberto Rodriguez
  • Hitchcock ISD (exp. 10/31/2019)
    Staff: Kristie Shepherd, Jennifer Donovan, Kay Painter
  • Houston Housing Authority (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Jean Felder, Kerry Craft, Cheryl Mongo, Sabrina Hickman
  • Institute of Cognitive Development (exp. 6/30/20)
    Staff: Jeri Slone (4 Vacant spots)
  • Loaves & Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley (exp. 8/31/20)
    Staff: Tommy Martinez, Melissa Gutierrez (+ 5 staff)
  • Lubbock Open Door (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Chad Wheeler, Jaime Wheeler, Katherine Hennecke, Paige Carroll, Andre Wright, Rudy Bustos
  • Metrocare Services (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Ikenna Mogbo, Alexandria Rakes, Emily Wilson, Michelle Secours, Hope Steadman
  • Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (exp. 11/30/19)
    Staff: Carl Falconer, Shavon Moore, Diana Romagnoli, James McClinton, Alex Espinosa, David Gruber
  • MHMR Tarrant County (exp. 2/29/20)
    Staff: Robert Ward, Leigh Bryant, Anthony Murphy, Krystle Edwards, Erin Tate (2 Vacant spots)
  • MHMR Tarrant County (exp. 7/31/20)
    Staff: Sonya Hemmitt, (6 Vacant spots)
  • MHMR Tarrant County (exp. 7/31/20)
    Staff: Scheneka Frazier (6 Vacant spots)
  • Mid-Coast Family Services (exp. 8/31/20)
    Staff: Ginny Stafford, Lisa Griffin, Reese Justice, Mallory Thurman, Erica Camacho, Christine Gomez, Brett Jones
  • New Hope Center of Paris (exp. 6/30/20)
    Staff: Tanteta Scott, Dawn Manor, April Miller (1 vacant spot)
  • Northwest Assistance Ministries (exp. 10/31/20)
    Staff: Karen Weakly, Carmen Brown
  • Nueces Center for Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Jenny Cantu, Karah Witzsche
  • Recovery Resource Council (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Tamieka McLaurin, Sonney Muniz-Blake, Jorge Mancera, Nicole Hawthorne
  • San Elizario ISD (exp. 9/30/20)
    (2 staff)
  • Shelter Ministries of Dallas DBA Austin Street Shelter (exp. 5/31/20)
    (4 staff)
  • South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless (SARAH) (exp. 7/31/20)
    Staff: Brenda Mascorro, Katie Vela, Cliff Cantu, Eric Morris, Marcos Carmona (1 vacant spot)
  • South Texas Development Council (exp. 2/29/20)
    Staff: Susy Venegas, Juan Rodriguez, Chelsie Huffine (4 vacant spots)
  • Tarrant County Homeless Coalition (exp. 1/23/20)
    Staff: Tammy McGhee, Carolyn Curry, Stella Pratt, Carla Storey, Lauren King, Kelly McWilliams
  • Tarrant County Housing Assistance Office (exp. 8/31/20)
    Staff: Wayne Pollard (+ 6 staff)
  • Temple ISD (exp. 10/31/19)
    Staff: Tiffany Vestal, Karen Morgan, Tonya Eubanks
  • Texas Panhandle Centers (exp. 7/31/20)
    Staff: Sara Northrup (5 vacant spots)
  • The Bridge – Homeless Recovery Center (exp. 9/30/20)
    Up to 6 staff
  • The City of Waco (exp. 7/31/20)
    Staff: Nicole Wiscombe (+ 1 staff)
  • The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD – PATH Program (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Omar Sesay, Myra Smalls-Brayboy, Nha Nguyen, Nancy Clifton, Aaron Jones, Courtney Anderson, Jenifer Knighton
  • The Salvation Army, Victoria (exp. 10/31/20)
    Staff: Kenny Jones, Victoria Mullins (+ 1 staff)
  • Twin City Mission (exp. 4/30/20)
    Staff: Jennifer Young, Dorothy Nevill, David Stanley (3 Vacant spots)
  • WOMAN, Inc. (exp. 9/30/20)
    Staff: Michaelle Wormly, Ruby Jones, (1 Vacant spot)

  • Seretha Augustine, Galena Park ISD (exp. 8/31/20)
  • Magda Bolland, La Posada (exp. 5/31/20)
  • Jeffrey Chesnut, Underwood Law Firm – Professional Member (exp. 10/31/19)
  • Shannon Eckley, MHMR – Student Member (exp. 10/31/19)
  • Nicole Johns, Galena Park ISD – Advocate (exp. 9/30/20)
  • Claudine Johnson, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (exp. 5/31/20)
  • Caasieki Justice, Killeen ISD – Professional Member (exp. 10/31/20)
  • Kelle Kipping, Lamar CISD – Advocate Member (exp. 9/30/20)
  • Kim Ogilvie, The Salvation Army – Advocate Member (exp. 9/30/20)
  • Mary Patrick, Galveston ISD – Advocate Member (exp. 9/30/20)
  • Cleveland Pimpton, Lake Worth ISD – Professional Member (exp. 10/31/20)
  • Carol Racz – Advocate Member (exp. 6/30/20)
  • Phyllis Rosen, Killeen Independent School District – Professional Member (exp. 10/31/20)
  • Lori Shaw, Richardson ISD – Advocate (exp. 7/31/20)
  • Anne Spanyers, Advocacy Outreach – Advocate Member (exp. 8/31/20)
  • Stacey Steger, Heart of Texas Region MHMR – Student Member (exp. 2/20/20)
  • Janeal White, LSU (exp. 3/31/20)
  • Michelle Yates, La Posada – Advocate Member (exp. 6/30/20)

  • Joe Ramirez, Texas Veterans Commission (exp. 9/30/20)

  • Peggy Davis Braun, ECHO Board Member (exp. 1/31/20)
  • Kenneth Combs, (exp. 7/31/20)
  • Taylor Cook, Office of Innovation – City of Austin (exp. 7/31/20)
  • JoAnn DePenning, J DePenning Consulting, Inc. (exp. 2/29/20)
  • Andrew Escher, Konara Homes (exp. 12/31/19)
  • Ben King, UT Austin (exp. 4/30/20)
  • Denise Kornegay, Paris ISD (exp. 9/30/20)
  • Erin Toberman, Community Advocate (exp. 9/30/20)

  • Richard Dunn, Kaufman Christian Help Center (exp. 9/30/20)
  • Norma Rodriguez, StarCare Specialty Health System (exp. 8/31/20)

  • Michael Albrecht (exp. 3/31/20)
  • Cheree Carter, Going Home Services (exp. 9/30/20)
  • Stephanie Day (exp. 3/31/20)
  • John Elford (exp. 2/29/20)
  • Karlene Lewis (exp. 8/31/20)
  • Jerry Parker (exp. 3/31/20)
  • Todd Shell – CORT (1/31/20)
  • Rachel Walker (exp. 1/31/20)
  • Tiffany Annette Hopkins (exp. 3/31/20)

  • Sherry Carroll (exp. 3/31/20)
  • Kristin Smith (exp. 7/31/20)
  • Bethany Thomas (exp. 7/31/20)

  • ECHO (exp. 8/31/20)
  • This End Up Furniture Company (exp. 11/30/20)

Thank you to our Business Members!

Business Members are working hard to end homelessness. Learn more about them below.


More than 40 years ago, CORT began with a single goal in mind: to deliver unparalleled customer service to people and businesses. We began with residential furniture rental in five regions across the United States and have grown to become the nation’s leading provider of transition services, including furniture rental for home and office, event furnishings, destination services, apartment locating, touring and other services. In addition to our 100+ offices, showrooms and clearance centers across the United States, we provide furniture rental in more than 80 countries around the globe.




This End Up Furniture Company was founded in 1974 on one basic principle: to design and build solid wood furniture that is made to last. We are the originator of solid wood crate-style furniture. You will not find a better value. We offer a common sense approach to contract furniture, making it easy for you to make one of the most cost effective buying decisions possible. 

ECHO‘s mission is to provide dynamic, proactive leadership that engages policymakes and the community to end homelessness.
The Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) is the lead agency that plans and implements community-wide strategies to end homelessness in Austin and Travis County. We are the backbone for the homeless services system and work closely with nonprofits, funders and government agencies to coordinate assistance and housing for people experiencing homelessness in our community. We lead the community in building a compassionate response and ensure that homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring.


Sponsor a THN VISTA Member

What does sponsoring a VISTA Member look like? VISTA Members receive a monthly stipend (around $972 per month) for their hard work, but as you can imagine, it doesn’t go very far. They live on a diet of ramen noodles, potatoes, and cable-free TV. You can improve their diet by adding more greens and mainstream entertainment with things like gift cards to a movie theater, or dinner out, or by making a monetary donation. As a thank you, your VISTA Member will send you updates on their project. Contact us to donate gift cards. Sponsor a VISTA Member with a donation today!

Participate in Your Employee Charitable Campaign


Texas Homeless Network is part of the Local Independent Charities and has earned the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence. The Seal of Excellence is awarded to the members of Independent Charities of America and Local Independent Charities of America that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness. These standards include those required by the US Government for inclusion in the Combined Federal Campaign, probably the most exclusive fund drive in the world. Of the 1,000,000 charities operating in the United States today, it is estimated that fewer than 50,000, or 5 percent, meet or exceed these standards, and, of those, fewer than 2,000 have been awarded this Seal.

If you work for a State or Federal agency, you can give to THN through either the State Employee Charitable Campaign, #470043, or Combined Federal Campaign, #66268.

Shop Online Using Amazon Smile

You can do all of your Amazon shopping at AmazonSmile (smile.amazon.com), choose Texas Homeless Network as your charity, and at no cost to you THN will receive 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases. It’s a win-win! Log into smile.amazon.com and choose Homeless Network of Texas (our official name) and start shopping!

Donate Your Car

Or your boat, motorcycle, plane – and designate THN as the recipient! Start the process online and benefit THN!  You can also call 877-999-8322.

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