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CoC COVID-19 Discharge Planning

Texas Continuum of Care COVID-19 Discharge Planning

According to the CDC, “hospitals and healthcare facilities should ensure that they are involved in planning the logistics for safely discharging COVID-19 patients to a designated location if they do not require hospitalization but lack housing.” The interactive map below contains contact information for local homeless response systems around the state.

If you have a patient you suspect might be experiencing or at risk of homelessness, please contact the homeless response system in your area as soon as possible to ensure the patient is connected to the proper resources before being discharged. This is especially crucial if the patient has tested or is presumed positive or is in any of the high risk categories for severe illness from COVID-19. However, even those with mild or no symptoms should be connected to the appropriate homeless response system to ensure they receive the needed information and support to help them observe social distancing guidelines. This is a critical connection point to prevent and slow the spread of the virus among a highly vulnerable population and our communities in general.

To find the contact information for the homeless response system that serves your patients, please click the map below. Additional information about what homeless crisis response systems are doing to support people experiencing homelessness and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 is available here

Interactive Map for Coordination Between Hospitals and Homeless Crisis Response Systems in Texas

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