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TX BoS CoC General Meetings

CoC General Meetings are open to anyone who lives or works in the TX BoS CoC’s geographic area. Attendees learn about TX BoS CoC programs and policy priorities, upcoming events, local initiatives to end homelessness, best practices, and more!

Meetings are held monthly via webinar, so there’s no need to travel. Sign up to receive webinar invitations and other important BoS CoC news.

CoC General Meeting Schedule 2017-18

Please note: CoC Grantees and Local Homeless Coalition (LHC) chairs are required to attend CoC General Meetings. Anyone interested in applying for the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) through the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) should attend, as attendance at General Meetings is a metric of CoC Engagement. To review previous CoC General Membership Meeting Minutes and Materials, visit our Archives section.

2017-2018 Meeting Minutes:
October 04, 2017 CoC General Meeting Minutes and Materials
November 08, 2017 CoC General Meeting Minutes and Materials
December 13, 2017 CoC General Meeting Minutes and Materials
January 10, 2018 CoC General Meeting Minutes and Materials
February 14, 2018 CoC General Meeting Minutes and Materials
No CoC General Meeting in March
April 11, 2018 CoC General Meeting Minutes and Materials

TX BoS CoC Map (Sept. 2017)

Local Homeless Coalitions

Local Homeless Coalitions are groups of organizations, individuals, and leaders interested in ending homelessness that meet face-to-face locally within TX Balance of State communities. LHCs make plans to address homelessness in their communities, pursue CoC goals, and lead local initiatives. There are approximately 25 Local Homeless Coalitions across the Texas Balance of State at this time. Use the map and contact list below to find the LHC closest to you. We recommend reaching out to the LHC’s primary contact person to ask for a meeting schedule. Don’t see an LHC near you? Fill out the form below to get started.


LHC Contacts (Updated 4-5-2018)

LHC Requirements

LHC Toolkit

Built for Zero (BfZ) Learning Collaborative

Texas Homeless Network is launching a TX BoS CoC Learning Collaborative in conjunction with Community Solution’s Built for Zero collaborative. The goal of the Learning Collaborative is to make Veteran and Chronic Homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring. The Learning Collaborative will accomplish this by facilitating communities to participate in a rigorous national change effort working to help a core group of committed communities end Veteran and Chronic Homelessness led by Community Solutions. The Learning Collaborative does not include any funding or resources. Instead, it is an opportunity to improve a community’s Housing Crisis Response System through a yearlong, peer-learning, expert-supported journey.

Up to five communities from the TX BoS CoC may be selected to participate. Teams from participating communities will learn from each other, from peer communities, and from experts in the field, while setting bold but achievable goals for themselves. Communities with all levels of expertise and capacity are encouraged to apply.

Applications are due to Caitlin Bayer, Balance of State Programs Coordinator, at on January 9, 2018. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Built for Zero Learning Collaborative Application Instructions and Information
Built for Zero Learning Collaborative: Application

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