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Action Towards Equity and Protecting Equal Access

Action Towards Equity and Protecting Equal Access

Author: Giovanna DiNapoli 

Trans flag that has text stating trans rights are human rights on top.

Recently, the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a modification to the Equal Access Rule that would allow shelters to deny access to trans individuals based on their gender identity and sex assigned at birth. This harmful proposed change creates another level of discrimination that transgender and non-binary individuals face. At least five transgender individuals were murdered in July alone. These murders included three black transgender women. The proposed change serves as a call to the individual action we must take to stand against the systemic discrimination that ultimately perpetuates violence against transgender and non-binary individuals. 

1. Leave a public comment by September 22nd!

Protect Equal Access by voicing your disapproval of the proposed modification to the current protections in place by leaving a public comment. You can find comment points and direct links to sharing your comment on THN’s latest post and at Housing Saves Lives. The period for public comment will be open until September 22, 2020. After leaving your comment, send the link to friends or family and encourage them to leave a comment in opposition to any modification that would allow the discrimination against transgender and non-binary individuals experiencing homelessness.

A transgender woman, once homeless, poses for a photo in her apartment.

2. Educate and spread the knowledge. 

Make a movie night into an educational opportunity. Documentaries can be a simple first step in educating yourself. Global Citizen provides a list of documentaries highlighting transgender and gender nonconforming stories on different streaming platforms here. Another great way to educate yourself is to read literature sharing the stories of trans lives. If you purchase a book, share the knowledge by lending the book to a friend or starting a book exchange

3. Contact your legislators.

Sometimes talking to your legislators can be intimidating, but now it can be as easy as sending a text through Resist Bot. When contacting your legislators, you can show your support of the Equal Access rule by saying, “I am horrified that HUD has proposed a policy revision to remove protections for transgender and non-binary people experiencing homelessness. Please take action to protect transgender people and pass legislation that would permanently ensure safe shelter for all, regardless of gender identity.”

4. Sign up for THN’S Advocacy Newsletter. 

With things constantly changing, THN wants to keep you up to date on issues like Equal Access impacting homelessness through our current advocacy efforts. Sign up for updates and more information on how you can help.


Want more information? Contact statewideinitiatives@thn.org.

Action Towards Equity and Protecting Equal Access
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