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NLIHC Releases Out of Reach Report 2021

2021 Out of Reach Report from NLIHC

National Low Income Housing Coalition just released the annual Out of Reach Report detailing housing unaffordability across the entire United States. 

Another year goes by that Texas’ low-income tenants and homeowners are left behind again. Overall, Texas’ housing affordability continues to trend in the wrong direction while the state’s minimum wage remains the same at $7.25/hour. 

The hourly wage needed to afford a 2-bedroom unit at Fair Market Rent (FMR) varies from $14.12/hour in many rural counties to $27.58/hour in Austin-Round Rock MSA. The state average housing wage for a 2-bedroom rental home is nearly $22/hour. In addition, minimum wage earners must work 100 hours per week (or 2.5 full-time jobs) to afford a 1-bedroom unit at fair market rent in Texas. 

a map of the 50 states split by counties with varying degrees of blue to show minimum wage needed to afford a one bedroom unit at FMR

Housing unaffordability is not only an urban issue. The entire state –  particularly the working poor, communities of color, people with disabilities, and aging populations – continue to feel the weight of the lack of affordable housing.

As our state’s population continues to grow, our municipal, state and federal legislators must reinvest in affordable housing construction, rehabilitation, and zoning reform. Small changes will not be enough to change the trajectory of Texas’ housing market. Texas Homeless Network has a number of state policy priorities listed on our advocacy page and proudly advocates for the HoUSed campaigns federal policy initiatives

For more information please view the full report and the Texas state report.

NLIHC Releases Out of Reach Report 2021
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