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A History of Homelessness in the United States

A History of Homelessness in the United States By: Jen Beardsley Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. Annoying as platitudes may feel, this one is made gospel by the shockingly similar responses modern America and medieval Europe had to spikes in homelessness. While a conviction of vagrancy (or loitering, criminal […]

The First Pride Was a Riot

The First Pride Was a Riot By: Jacq Taylor As we wrap up celebrating a more traditional Pride season full of parties and parades after a year of staying at home, I want to highlight how last year’s Pride season returned to its roots with the Uprising for Black Lives. Folx were in the streets […]

Juneteenth Celebration – The Texas Call to Freedom

THN recognizes the long-term and continued impacts of slavery. For example, in homeless services, we know that the African American population makes up more than 40% of those experiencing homelessness, but represents 13 percent of the general population. To increase the education of service providers, THN invited guest blogger Ebony Jackson to create a condensed […]

The impact of Homelessness Awareness Day

The Impact of Homelessness Awareness Day We are thrilled with the success of our largest, and first-ever virtual, Homeless Awareness Day in the history of Texas Homeless Network (THN). Homelessness Awareness Day (HAD) is an advocacy day that aims to educate policymakers on homelessness and housing. With over 200 registered participants, we doubled in size […]

Let’s Talk About Zoning

Let’s Talk About Zoning By: Billy Streu Could zoning reform in Texas be a viable solution for our affordable housing crisis? Even more, could it begin to put a dent in economic and racial inequality? For many years, zoning reform has felt like a big Texas-size elephant in the room. President Biden’s housing plan includes […]

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