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How Climate Change Continues to Impact Homelessness

How Climate Change Continues to Impact Homelessness By: Cindy Ramirez Everything is bigger in Texas… and that, unfortunately, still applies to the climate change in our state. In the past year, Texans have experienced severe thunderstorms (including heavy rainfall and tornadoes) and wildfires. As a result of these increasingly frequent natural disasters, many more people have lost […]

Transgender and Non-Binary Discrimination and Homelessness

Transgender and Non-Binary Discrimination and Homelessness By: Michelle Kaiser One in three transgender people in the United States have experienced homelessness. The 2019 PIT Count revealed some terrible disparities in gender identity and housing. 63% of transgender people and 80% of nonbinary people experiencing homelessness were unsheltered. These numbers are high for a lot of reasons, and all of […]

Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day

Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 2021 By: Eric Samuels Every morning at 6:45 a.m. I wake up, and like many of you, I check the emails that have come in throughout the evening or early morning. However, unlike most of you, the first email I read every day is about our neighbors who passed away. The […]

Juneteenth Celebration – The Texas Call to Freedom

THN recognizes the long-term and continued impacts of slavery. For example, in homeless services, we know that the African American population makes up more than 40% of those experiencing homelessness, but represents 13 percent of the general population. To increase the education of service providers, THN invited guest blogger Ebony Jackson to create a condensed […]

What happened in the 87th Texas Legislative Session?

What happened in the 87th Texas legislative session? By: Nick Thompson, THN Statewide Initiatives Manager As the session began in January, we were hopeful that given the immense housing needs of Texans both prior to the pandemic and during COVID-19 that our legislators at the Texas State Capitol would meet the moment. Then a month […]

Let’s Queer Some Things Up: Census 2020

Let’s Queer Some Things Up: Census 2020 Post by: THN Staff, Kyra Henderson Let’s queer some things up here: Every ten years the federal government mandates individuals and families in the U.S. to participate in the Decennial Census. The data contributes to the redrawing of district lines, distributing representative seats, and determining funding for social […]

Undercounted: Homelessness and the 2020 Census

Undercounted: Homelessness and the 2020 Census [Updated 09/2020] The decennial United States Census is one of the most important civic responsibilities we face as a nation. Not only does it try to count every person in every household, but the data is used for redistricting and determining federal funding for programs such as food stamps, […]

COVID-19 and Homelessness

COVID-19 and HomelessnessBy: Dr. Ben King and Sam BaldazoThis article was originally posted and sourced from The Medical Care Blog. Our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness during this SARS-COV-2 pandemic are facing unique risks and extreme hardships. In the corner of American society almost defined by economic and racial disparities, COVID-19 has compounded and taken advantage […]

Meet THN Team Member Mollie Lund

Mollie Lund joined THN as the ESG & SSVF Performance Coordinator in November of 2018. Mollie supports Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program recipients and sub-recipients and Supportive Service for Veterans Families (SSVF) recipients in the Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care. Mollie evaluates outcomes of ESG-funded and SSVF-funded projects and provides technical assistance, education […]

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