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The TX BoS CoC Governance Structure consists of:

  • CoC General Members: Anyone interested in ending homelessness who lives or works in the TX BoS CoC geographic area.
  • CoC Board: 15 member decision-making entity elected by the CoC General Members
  • Local Homeless Coalitions (LHCs): Local-level groups within the TX BoS CoC that make specific plans to end homelessness in their communities.
    • CoC Standing Committees
    • CoC Ad Hoc Committees
  • CoC Collaborative Applicant- The agency that applies for CoC Program funds. In the TX BoS CoC, this role is filled by Texas Homeless Network.
  • CoC HMIS Lead Agency- The agency appointed by the CoC to administer and operate HMIS. In the TX BoS CoC, this role is filled by Texas Homeless Network.
  • CoC Lead Agency and staff support- The agency appointed by the CoC to carry out the legislatively mandated duties established by the CoC Interim Rule. In the TX BoS CoC, this role is filled by Texas Homeless Network.

You can learn more about how the TX BoS CoC makes decisions and designates leadership by reading the documents below.

TX BoS CoC Board

The CoC Board is the primary decision-making body for the TX BoS CoC. Board members determine the policy direction of the CoC and ensure that the CoC fulfills its responsibilities as assigned by HUD. Additionally, the Board oversees and approves the work of CoC committees and workgroups.

The TX BoS CoC is accepting nominations for CoC Board Seat 8, which is designated to represent the Health/Medical arena.

The Board Member formerly filling Seat 8 has resigned. The term of office for Seat 8 will begin in mid-February and end September 30, 2018. (Seat 8 will be elected with the other even-numbered seats in the fall 2018 elections.) The CoC Board will appoint a member to fill Seat 8 from the nominations received.

The CoC welcomes anyone who works or lives in the TX BoS CoC’s geographic area, has an interest in preventing and ending homelessness, and represents the health/medical arena to run for election.

Nominations are due February 8, 2018.

Local Homeless Coalitions (LHCs)

Local Homeless Coalitions (LHCs) lead homeless assistance efforts in their coverage area. In order to be formally recognized as an LHC by the TX BoS CoC, LHCs must adhere to some requirements. Don’t see an LHC near you? Fill out the form below to get started.


CoC General Membership

The TX BoS CoC General Membership is made up of all service providers, advocates, local government officials, and individuals who work to eliminate homelessness in the TX BoS CoC’s geographic area.

General Members can:

  • Run or vote for CoC Board positions
  • Participate in Local Homeless Coalition meetings
  • Attend CoC General Membership Meetings
  • Respond to requests for comment on proposed TX BoS CoC policies
  • Much more!

Please note: CoC General Membership is different from THN Membership. While anyone who lives or works in the TX BoS CoC is considered a General Member, THN membership requires a separate sign-up and payment process.