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Meet THN Team Member Kraig Blaize-Fiero
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THN Team Member Kraig Blaize-Fiero, CoC Programs Coordinator, riding a horse

Kraig is the CoC Programs Assistant and started as a volunteer before being placed at THN as an AmeriCorps VISTA member in 2012. During his VISTA service, which ran from 2012-2014, he worked with various homeless coalitions around the Central Texas area helping to raise awareness within the communities and coordinate annual Point In Time surveys. Today he is the CoC programs assistant and helps coordinate daily activities for the TX BoS CoC. 
How did you get started in homeless services?
  • I got my start in homeless services by completing community service with THN for a little over three years. I have been previously homeless in my teenage years here in Austin while I was battling personal issues.  I’m currently attending college to complete my associate’s degree in social work.

What did you do before?

  • Before THN, I was a server at an IHOP working nightshift.

Complete the sentence: In a parallel life, I would be living on a ranch with my family and lots of gardens.

What was your first job?

  • Gas Station clerk

Dog or cat?

  • I’m more of a cat person but am in the middle of a dog phase
Meet THN Team Member Kraig Blaize-Fiero
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