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Navigating Challenges Together: A Personalized Roadmap for Rural Texas to End Homelessness

Navigating Challenges Together: A Personalized Roadmap for Rural Texas to End Homelessness By: Jim Ward Introduction In the vast landscapes and tight-knit communities of rural Texas, the journey to end homelessness is both a shared commitment and a distinct challenge. Unlike in larger cities, rural areas face unique obstacles that require tailored solutions. This guide[…]

Meet THN Team Member Kyra Henderson

Kyra Henderson is the Data Coordinator for the Texas Balance of State CoC. She is charged with organizing and executing the Annual Point-in-Time Count and Housing Inventory Count along with responding to data requests and creating data visualizations.  Kyra is originally from Littleton, Colorado and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Colorado State University.[…]

Safety Nets for Students and Families Training Events

Are You Identifying All Students Who Need Services Due To Homelessness? How Schools and Communities Can Do More Together Wednesday, May 8, 10:00 a.m. to noon  Arreader P. Guidry Administration Building – Media Room, 4801 9th Avenue, Port Arthur, TX 77642 Schools may not always identify students as homeless who are living in doubled-up and[…]

Grant RFP Open! Safety Nets for Students and Families

The Safety Nets for Students and Families grant application is now open!   These grants help service providers add capacity to meet the needs of children, youth, and families made homeless/displaced by Hurricane Harvey in all affected regions except Harris County.   You can find all of the information on eligibility criteria, what we’re aiming[…]

Safety Nets for Students and Families

Texas Network of Youth Services , Texas Homeless Network, and Texas Homeless Education Office will be working in partnership with all regions of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey (excluding Harris County) to support schools and community-based organization better meet the needs of homeless youth and families displaced by the storm. Support will include: Training and technical assistance offered[…]

Are You Ready to End Veteran Homelessness?

By Caitlin Bayer, Priority Projects Coordinator, THN As of today, 60 communities across 32 states have effectively ended veteran homelessness. The communities range from urban to rural, from small towns to entire states. The evidence is overwhelming: effectively ending veteran homelessness is possible for every community across the nation. The question is no longer “Can[…]

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