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Past Texas Conference on Ending Homelessness Presentations

Below are the presentations that have been shared. 

2018 Conference Presentations

The Synergy of Community Collaboration
Walk in My Shoes Presentation
Succession Planning Handouts
Decriminalizing Homelessness

How are we doing and where do we go from here?
The Practical Application of Harm Reduction in a Housing Setting

Case Management
Why Training is Not Enough
Supervision Handouts
Supervision Workshop
Best Practices in Housing First
Implementing Best Practices in Your Organization
Overview of Best Practices in Housing First
Hope Before Homelessness

Combining Housing with Healthcare
A Systematic Approach to Landlord Recruitment
Increasing Access to Housing
Housing in the Face of a Natural Disaster
What’s the scoop with Rapid Re-Housing?
Keeping Families Together: A Solution for Child Welfare Involved Families Experiencing Homelessness
Creative Solutions to Identifying Affordable Housing for Individuals Exiting Homelessness

SOAR for Children
SOAR Online Course for Children Coming Soon

Youth & Education
UA Youth and Human Trafficking
Homeless Trafficking
Data Bridge Presentation
Education Leads Home Texas
Best Practices for Education Homeless Children and Youth
THEO Support for Subgrantees

Prevent Homelessness White Paper
Homeless Veterans in Action

Outreach & Engagement with Veterans Handouts
Outreach and Engagement for Veterans
Identifying Your Outreach Network
Support System Handout Filled
Support System Handout Blank
Potential Clinical Presentations Handout

2017 Conference Presentations

Matthew Doherty’s Keynote Speech

Revising and Strengthening the Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness

Leading the Conversation – A New Narrative for Health & Human Services

Case Management
Transtheoretical Model and Motivational Interviewing: A Very Brief Introduction

Exploring the Intersections of Homelessness, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

5.7 ESSA Compliance Powerpoint
5.7 Liaison Capacity Assessment
5.7 Making District Websites M-V Tools
5.7 Making the Case

7.4 Attendance and Truancy Interventions
7.4 Credit Accrual and Credit Recovery

Engaging Property Owners
TDHCA – Housing and Services for Persons Experiencing or At-Risk of Homelessness

Hurricane Harvey
Help for Hurricane Harvey Survivors

In Context: High Fidelity Housing First
LHCs’ Role in Ending Homelessness in Texas
A Year in the Life of an HMIS User
Using Data for Planning and Goal Setting

TX BoS CoC Education Liaison Session
TX BoS CoC and Education Liaisons (PowerPoint)
TX BoS CoC Fact Sheet for Homeless Education Liaisons
Community Resources for Homeless Services Planning
Innovative Funding Strategies cover page
Austin’s Needs Assessment
H2 Innovative-Funding Strategies

SOARing The Way Home: Coordinating Access to Housing and Disability Benefits
Making SOAR Work for Your Community: Collaboration is Key!

Tuberculosis in Texas’ Homeless Population
TB Client Poster
Guidelines for Preventing and Controlling Tuberculosis
MOU Between Shelter and the Tuberculosis Control Section

Fund for Veterans’ Assistance
How to Help Women Veterans
Housing Houston’s Heroes – How Communities have prioritized Homeless Veterans through Coordinated Access


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